De Breed & Partners supports entrepreneurs of today and entrepreneurs of the future in their quest of finding of the required R&D budget for the development of technological innovations. We take the application and optimization of subsidies, tax reductions and other forms of financing of your hands. We would like to innovate together with you!

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  • WBSO

    Reduce the costs of labor of your R&D projects through the use of innovation funding. We are committed into converting innovation projects into concrete subsidy applications, so you can fully focus on your core business.

  • Innovation Box

    Invest in innovation and enjoy a substantial tax advantage by making use of the innovation box. Profit earned by innovation will be taxed at a reduced rate of 7% instead of the usual 20/25%.

  • Finance Mix

    It remains a challenge to raise funding for a first prototype, project or customer. Therefore, De Breed & Partners is constantly seeking opportunities to finance your innovation.

  • About us

    We support innovative businesses. Our goal is to finance innovation through, for example, the submission and optimisation of subsidies, credits and the acquisition of taxation advantages for innovative companies.