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Innovation and applying for different subsidies

De Breed & Partners supports innovative companies in finding the required R&D budget for the development of their technological innovations.

Depending in which phase the company is , various financial opportunities will occur. With a wide range of financial instruments consisting of technology grants, tax arrangements (such as WBSO), informal investors, investment firms, bank credits and crowdfunding, we are able to realize the most optimal finance mix for your company or project. Investormatch is our investment platform for start-ups and SME’s in the Netherlands. Investormatch has their own network of 650+ investors and Business Angels.

Innovative sectors

De Breed & Partners mainly works for sectors synonymous with innovation: ICT and engineering offices. The most innovation activities take place in these two sectors. The technical sector, processing technology and the food industries are the most common additional sectors we serve.

Partner for innovative companies

De Breed & Partners supports innovative businesses and mainly works on the submission and optimisation of subsidies, credits and the acquisition of taxation advantages. Over the last 25 years, we have submitted over 25.000 applications with a success rate of 99%. This represents a total subsidy sum that exceeds more than €400 million. This is why DB&P, with thousands of active clients and 2.000 subsidy applications per year, the market leader in the field of financing innovation.

No cure, no pay

Our success is due not only from the quality of De Breed & Partners’ subsidy applications, but also from our friendly style and our user-friendly fees. When it is realistic, a “no cure, no pay” principle can be applied and you will only be billed when the subsidy application is approved and you, the client, can access the approved subsidy. No cure, no pay applies to the actual advantage used.

De Breed & Partners are the subsidy specialist for the following subsidy arrangements:

  • WBSO (R&D Promotional Law)
  • Innovation box
  • BMKB (Borgstelling MKB Kredieten) (SME Security Credit)
  • Innovation credit
  • EIA (Energy investment deduction)
  • MIA (Milieu-investeringsaftrek/Environmental Promotional Investment Deduction) & VAMIL (Dutch government regulation to encourage environmentally responsible businesses)

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